Osuntokun Backs FG’s Planned Negotiation With Boko Haram

Akin Osuntokun on boko haramA former Political Adviser to former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Mr. Akin Osuntokun says he supports President Muhammadu Buhari’s plans to negotiate with Boko Haram over the safe release of the Chibok Girls.

” I support any aspect that is done to secure the release of the Chibok Girls.

“The point I will like to make with regards of the insurgency is that we can see the difference between being in government and being in opposition and being a critic as distinct from the reality of running a government.

“If Jonathan were the President today, would he have done any worse in meeting up with the challenges of the Boko Haram?, he questioned.

” As a matter of fact, President Buhari could even have a sense of reversal in the positive momentum that Jonathan’s government seem to make towards the end of the regime.

” I see that the President is doing something but the best is not enough.

” I only gave the points in order to highlight the elements of hypocrisy”, he said during an interview on Channels Book Club.

He however, took a swipe at the President, alleging that the President has failed to live up to his campaign promise since assuming office.

“On the issue of insurgency, it is clear that people voted him in government in order to eradicate the problem but reverse is the case; they see him making efforts like meeting most of the regional leaders, travelling to France and US. But there is a gulf between what we heard when they were vying for the post and when they are in government”, Osuntokun said.

The Chibok Girls were abducted from their hostel in Borno State on April 14, 2014.