PEARL is One Year in Digital Media

A year ago this month, (December 31st, 2014) PEARL launched it first publication on the internet community. Whilst deepening our roles as infopreneur, PEARL has filled a gap in information dissemination which covers all aspect of news, giving priority to human interest, opinions, editorials etc, in tandem with professional ethics and conducts.
Having progressed positively within the last 12 months, our team have been stimulating and expanding the national conversation, reporting the news as it breaks, while providing a platform where readers and contributors may have an imprint on public policy, influence public opinion and ultimately, contribute towards bringing the change that we desire in Nigeria.
We are tirelessly working on consolidating our position as a powerful emerging media in establishing ourself as a model for other patrons in the rapidly growing independent online news community in Nigeria and beyond.
With our committed team of seasoned professionals, PEARL will remain circumspect and professional in playing its roles as member of the fourth estate of the realm without bias or compromise and to dispassionately fight the good fights, we will take pleasure to be technically aggressive, fearless and robust in our service delivery. We will see issues as Nigerians have always sought to see them.
Besides, we will take on the big issues of our time that are inimical to our political and economic growth and prosperity. We also owe the public the duty to frown at issues responsible for the social decay and institutional weakness in our country today. At PEARL we are resolved to contributing maximumly to the struggle for a better Nigeria and future. We will hold those entrusted with power accountable for its daily exercise and advocate for justice and human rights. We will be relentless in our pursuit of the truth with un-biased and investigative journalism.
Thankfully in the last 365 days we have diligently put in our best to ensure that our legal team had no course to combat with libel cases, plagiarism or copyright infringement. We assure our readers that at PEARL we would continue with this trend in the years ahead.
However, with millions of readers PEARL draws to its platofrm on a daily basis, advertisers should consider it as a veritable site to advertise their goods and services, our rates are pocket friendly. We have the requisite capacity to offer them value for their money at all times. We also use this opportunity to show appreciation to those who have already considered us as partner in progress.
Above all and interestingly, it’s been a wonderful challenge being a broad-based digital communicator, we wish all our readers, contributors, advertisers, advisers, partners and even our critics a prosperous 2016 with abiding fulfilment. We thank you all God bless.
Emmanuel Ajibulu.
For and on behalf of PEARL