Happy New Year 2017 to all our readers

The entire team and management of PEARL online news medium say Happy New Year to all our readers worldwide, especially our over 40,000 members on various social media platforms.
To see a new year is not everybody’s privilege but for us and our readers, through God’s mercy we are fortunate to see it, definitely such grace won’t be taken as a mere opportunity.
Once again we have the honour to express our profound gratitude to our audience base which is getting bigger than ever, we must also acknowledge unique visits to our site everyday. We wish for bigger expansion, good scores, and successful hunts in this New Year. Thankfully, this forum membership grew by 14% in 2016. Our membership grew by over 14% as Forum ranks swelled to nearly 40,000 members.
We are pleased to inform our fans that we have upgraded our site in the beginning of 2017, making our forum more mobile-friendly with new, faster, modern software. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy our breaking news, feature articles, opinions, interviews, criticism, news analysis and our Free Forum Classifieds.
We look forward to receiving adverts, financial support and advice, and cooperation as we journey further.
We pray 2017 brings us happiness in our lives and success in our collective endeavors. Thank you and God bless.
Emmanuel Ajibulu.
For and on behalf of PEARL

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  1. Bones said:

    perempuan cina ni sengal…kalau ko x buat salah x denye polis nk saman2 ko..cam bagus je la…pastu nampak no nk menjatuhkan maruah org siap rakam n publish kt yonaebu….seugtl..