Several articles have been written on the person of Congressman Bimbo Daramola. But until now, a few things have been mentioned about who he’s not. At first, you could mistake his boldness, self-confidence and courage for pride or arrogance. This write-up is not about his history (which is reserved for a later time) but what you never thought he is.

To some, they know him as the honorable member of the Federal House of Representatives, who served in the 7th assembly; however, he prefers to be called Congressman Bimbo Daramola. As a greenhorn in the green chambers, he stood his ground on several issues of discuss, made his voice known, sponsored bills and even got threats when he vehemently raised the issue of unabated accidents on our roads, represented his constituency excellently well and gave periodic feedbacks in what he tagged “Abomire” – this is my feedback, a term used in Yorubaland when someone is sent on an errand and he has a feedback for the sender.

To some of us his close allies, we call him “Egbon”, the Yoruba parlance for “Elder brother”. To express this cordiality, he calls us all by our first names. Whenever we call him on the phone, even when busy or in meetings, he would usually pick the call and say, “boo ni?” – “how are you”, let me call you back and he always do. As bold and fearless as lion, who did not chicken out at the point of AK 47 during the vote counting exercise of the 27th April, 2009 governorship rerun elections in the state.

He tells the truth at all times, aligning himself to the plights and outcry of the populace, this he did not shy away from and almost caused a slight disagreement between him and the then sitting governor, J.K.F, his close ally. Brave, courageous and intelligent, many however do not know he, as human, has his own imperfections as well as downtimes, which he never fail to acknowledge. Of a particular mention was sometime in August 2016 when we had a chat that ran till midnight on some concern he had. His level of humility is also displayed in the fact that he concedes to superior arguments.

An intelligent and ardent reader, he loves to surround himself with brilliant and intelligent people while never discriminatory of the less intelligent ones. He hates mediocrity and sycophancy. He has an unrivalled, amazing grace for generosity; giving freely without holding back or expectation of gratitude. I remember the worries of some of his political associates back then concerning his generosity. Someone once asked him “what will you be spending when you’re out of this chamber?” His answer surprised the people around. He told them “as long as God still exists and as long as I have my head on my neck, I can never be poor”.

He is still using all he has to help millions. An example is his current project; Naija Green Card for students and NYSC members (which he has now graciously extended to all youths), the first of its kind in sub-Sahara Africa. He loves to help as well as interact with all; it doesn’t matter your age, sex, race or political affiliation. No surprise both the young and the old knows, loves and respects him across the length and breadth of the state.

I have had cause to tell him severally that he’s not a politician; he does not think, speak or act as one. He wants a future where everyone will be comfortable, a liberated #Ekiti, this is reflected in his campaign slogan #NitoriOjoOlawa – literally “for our future”. It is no surprise that he has declared his intention (11/3/2017) to, in his words, “serve” as the governor of Ekiti State come 2018.

One important thing that is less spoken of Congressman Bimbo Daramola is his fear, love and reverence for God. You cannot sit with him in 30 minutes without you knowing his faith, believe and serious adherence to the supremacy of Almighty God. He does not shy away from it; he does not hide the fact that he’s in Christ. This is the time for the citizens of Ekiti to rise up and #redeem her from the shackles of backwardness, despondency and mediocrity, from the sorrowful sojourn in the Egyptian state of #stomachinfrastructure.

It is time for Ekiti to move forward. It is time for those in the cities to put a call through to their relatives in the hinterlands, towns and villages of this great state to massively support the candidacy of this true son of the state, whom God has appointed for this time. #Nitoriojoolawa