Hon. AKINJO KOLADE VICTOR: The Patriot Among Us

Contrary to the popular cliche in this clime that “politics is a dirty game”, the obvious truth however is that it can’t be “dirty” when played by people with honest and caring heart; that is the story of Hon. AKINJO KOLADE VICTOR. He is a name that rings a loud resounding bell in the high society, an individual with a rising profile and cerebral exploits that command respect on the floor of the House of Representatives, Abuja, where he holds sway as one of the most vocal representatives.

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With a boyish handsome look that speaks volume of a background steeped in moderate upbringing, Hon. AKINJO KOLADE VICTOR is as endearing to his constituents as his debates, motions and bills are convincing to his colleagues at the hallowed chamber. He is known for quality representation.

Undoubtedly, Akinjo’s persona is derived from the sterner stuff of life, the compulsive need to weave enduring strands or legacies that would out-live one and the desire to be a change agent in the discharge of the social contract. A man of great patience and tolerance, his scruples border on the fundamental assumption that life is a selfless service in which there is more to gain in giving of one’s time, energy and resources than in being a docile recipient of its offerings.

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At the Federal House of Representatives, he is the Deputy Chairman House Committee on National Identity & National Population and member of other key committees. He is one individual who doesn’t let down his friends no matter what; this was what informed his significant contributions to the success of Hon. Yakubu Dogara of becoming the Speaker of House of Representatives in the 8th Assembly.

He has strong passion and affinity for the propagation of true christian values and beliefs. Since his inception into politics records show that he is known for empowering his constituents socio-economically and ensuring that beneficiaries are dispassionately drawn from all Wards and Units in his constituency without bias.

More importantly, the Harvard Business School trained parliamentarian, Hon Akinjo doesn’t treat with levity matters relating to child’s education, he is one man who will deem it fit all quotas for his constituents into various higher institutions are accordingly utilized. His well intentioned virtue is to build human capital and capacity as well as reducing poverty and defiant behaviours among the youths who are believed to be future leaders. Unlike others, Akinjo creates open access between him and his constituents which gave him opportunity to know their needs and how to be of help.

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Hon Akinjo is a product of positive change to the Nigerian Youth. Truly, he is an exemplary leader, his contributions to nation building particularly in Ondo State would remain indelible, no doubt posterity will judge him kindly. The people of Eseodo/Ilaje Federal Constituency cleverly made a right choice even to their betterment in all fronts.