$50M Ikoyi Cash Haul: Is Ayodele Oke A Scapegoat?

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Who is Ayodele Oke?
Ambassador Ayodele Oke is a seasoned intelligence chief and a career diplomat. President Goodluck Jonathan and other relevant stakeholders did their due diligence before approving his appointment as Director-General of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) in November 2013.
Ambassador Oke is from Oyo State, highly professional and disciplined intelligence chief whose many friends were never aware of his covert tasks until his appointment as DG which apparently was a huge shock to them all. He took over from Mr. Ezekiel Oladeji.
He was formerly at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London and also served as the Director (Regions) at the Headquarters of the NIA. He was known to be a no nonsense man who track records exonerated him from any wrong doings locally and internationally with empirical evidence to prove.
Unanswered questions
Several posers are being raised which further put a dent on NIA’s claims of ownership of $50m Ikoyi Money.
To start with, if the President, National Security Adviser and other security chiefs were never aware of ‘covert projects’ until now, that in itself is a big problem.
If NIA needs such a huge amount of money in Nigeria, it has enough safes in fortified offices to keep it. It does not need an unprotected private residence without putting operatives on guard.
If a ‘covert’ project was approved and monies were collected more than two years ago, are the projects still being executed? Why was no progress report filed with the President? Budgets are released yearly and unspent funds are retired yearly. There is also no record that the NIA sought exemption or got approval to keep the monies away from TSA.
Perhaps intelligence reports from the National Security Adviser, General Babagana Monguno, may eventually exonerate Ambassador Oke, until then his suspension may be seen to be unnecessary and untimely.