Good Parentage Still Wins: The Najeeb Tambuwal Example

By Hon Bimbo Daramola
The moral decadence in our society has been traced to several factors among which is the abdication of “home training” by parents.
From pressures of economic survival to eke out survival or socio-political demands, a lot of parents have COMPROMISED the qualitative attention that raising kids demand more than ever before today.
Little wonder that we are breeding a generation of social derelicts ; young adults low on socio cultural ethical behaviours and character, tending toward deviants with little or no value for respect; abhorrent of simplicity in the face of successes sometimes of their parents, recourse to hard work and having focus in life
This is mostly manifest among the sons and daughters of successful parents and particularly I dare say among sons and daughters of the parents in high political positions . But I was proved wrong on Friday.
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I have known #Nojeeb #Tambuwal (son of then Speaker #Aminu #Waziri #Tambuwal now #Governor of #Sokoto State) since his father’s days as Speaker House of Representatives.
Young; charming and soft spoken always with a welcoming smile, never obtrusive and would occasionally dashed to have a word with his powerful speaker father and quickly dashed out of sight .
But I bumped into him again on Friday on the plane on my way to Zuru Kebbi State enroute Sokoto where distinguished Nigerians are to be conferred with titles of the Zuru emirate incidentally the list included Governor Tambuwal, Governor Rochas and Governor Bagudu and my brothers wife, Babaloja Hon Oyetunde Ojo’s wife; Iyaloja Sade Tinubu Ojo. (I ‘ll come back to this)
I had sat in my chair exhausted from the 3 hours draining drive from Abuja to Kaduna in the uncomfortable but practical support structure and palliative as provided for travellers by Government while the Abuja runway repairs last.
And in sauntered a young man in a long blue caftan dress all by himself carrying his bag. My eyes caught his and his mine, he lowered his reasonably tall gait and bended to greet with his boyish good looks and smile .
I stood up and pumped his hand and a gave a hug and said the latest barrister in town ! He just graduated with a law degree.
He smiled a little more and I said congratulations. So I stepped off the access to enable him grab his seat ; he gradually walked to his seat not even in the business class! No scruples .No frowns. Just himself.
Then i was expecting coterie of armed looking mobile policemen to be pouring and fawning over him . I didn’t see one!!! Son of a governor in Nigeria!!!
First son of a powerful well loved governor in contemporary Nigeria without fuss and buzz?
So I began to think and ruminate that this is the result of what Yoruba s will say omoluabi,” won ko o gba eko”! Meaning well brought up child , the parents trained him and he took the training!
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The moral of this submission is that regardless of the power or wealth or both that parents may have or wield, their children could still turn out well but MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE LIVES OF PARENTS CAN INDEED BE THE GREATEST TEACHER OF THE LESSONS THAT OUR CHILDREN EVENTUALLY LEARN AND LIVE!!
Take a look at Nojeeb s father, H.E Excellency #Aminu #Waziri #Tambuwal , what do you see? A very humble man, inspite of his legendary opportunities and capacity AWT remains like the guy next door! He blends with Aliko Dangote as he would with his driver!
He makes everybody feels so important you almost begin to feel he is the one that needs you !He may not see you in months or years or not pick his calls as often as you called but whenever you see him his infectious warmth and affectionate reception will obliterate any grudge you bear against or have borne against him. I plead guilty to this.
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As I was about to fasten my seat belt my colleague Hon. Ibrahim Gusau from Zamfara at the last house also bumped into Nojeeb and same respectful gesticulation and he remarked this boy is growing up fast to be a better version of his father. I said to my self isn’t that the prayer of every parent after all.
I am sure the mum must also have done a great job in ensuring that this guy turned out this well. And so on this note I want to commend Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal and Hadjia Tambuwal for raising a child that has imbibed your good virtues and even without you being there has also showed that he is well raised and has taken all the good training. It’s a rarity in contemporary Nigeria. Weldone.
As the holy book stated ” teach your child in the proper way , when he grows he wont depart from it, and the Yoruba s say therein lies your rest and assurance in your old age.
Parenting in the 21st century is a challenge but thank God not only are you succeeding in your political life following your successful political trajectory it’s pleasing that you are succeeding on the home front too from Nojeeb s example .Congratulations .
Most times what you find around these days is that one gives way for the other. Kudos .
To you Nojeeb Tambuwal keep up the calm mien and hold dearly to this home training and the lessons and good character I assure you, your father’s accomplishments will be your starting point.
 Hon Bimbo Daramola was a member of 7th National Assembly who represented Ekiti North Federal Constituency 1, he is one of APC Ekiti guber aspirants in 2018 polls