The attention of the leadership of the Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA) in ondo state has been drawn to a misleading news item making the rounds about the purported return of some of its members to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in some section of the media.

While subscribing to the popular belief that in politics, there should be a level playing grounds for a free entry and free exit; we are, however, constrained to inform the general public and our unshakeable and committed members home and abroad that no genuine members of our great party decamped.

The few people who went back to the PDP from our enviable party, APDA, in the first place, merely sought a safe anchor in the APDA. For these people, It was obvious that they joined the APDA under the guise of finding a safe berth out of the fear of the failure of losing out in the festering power tussle in the crisis-ridden PDP which was embroiled in several litigations in the Courts.

This is evident in the fact that immediately the Supreme Court verdict was given in favour of makarfi they, without shame, scrambled back to join PDP where they left ab initio.

So, if we may ask; “of what value are these kind of people who are
forever shifting like the wind vanes to any political party?” The answer is definitely obvious. The leadership of APDA in the state sees these people as inconsistent, political jobbers and selfish politicians without focus.

There is also the need to also correct the wrong insinuations that the APDA was registered as an alternative platform during the leadership crisis in PDP.

The true position is that the APDA is a formidable political party made up of credible Nigerians who came together from various political parties with same political ideologies poised to work together as an alternative opposition to wrestle power from the present crop of unrepentant politicians that are denying the harried and hapless Nigerian masses of better life and clear cut policies that would take Nigerians out of the woods as a nation.

The APDA has come to stay, standing firm, and is getting stronger everyday with the objective of re-creating, re-engineering, re-building and re-assuring the very large majority of suffering and almost hopeless Nigerians of a better tomorrow.

This is the reason why the party has suddenly become the fad of those who want it buried to attack it at every opportunity. But we can assure the good people of this country especially Ondo State people that the APDA would never be brought down.

We, therefore, want to assure our good people in Ondo State that the APDA remains unshakeable, fearless and stands stronger in re-building a genuine National party that focuses on the unity, political and economic restructuring of Nigeria for a better future for our younger generation.

This is a party to beat in the coming elections in the State and we appeal to our dear and esteemed members to ignore the shenanigans of these ‘jumping-jumping’ elements & patiently continue with the struggle for a better tomorrow for Nigeria.



Bisi Kolawole,

Chairman Media and communications Committee, APDA Ondo State.