Hidden Dangers Of Eating Snake Meat

Snake meat is considered very sweet and good food in many countries of the world, people hunt and kill snakes for food and while this may not be a bad idea entirely, it is important for us to point out that it is dangerous, and you expose yourself to several harms by eating them.

The purpose of this post is not to get you to stop eating something you like but to get you to apply some caution while eating it.

Below are some of the dangers of eating snakes.

Death as a result of residual venom: “Under-cooked or under-roasted snake meat could lead to a severe case food poisoning especially when contaminated with residual venom and sometimes, you think you’ve cooked them enough when you really haven’t; residual venom deaths have been recorded around the world recently, because people don’t cook them enough”.

Pricks from poisonous bones: “Some snakes have an extensive network of bones that make handling their meat very dangerous so it is safer to dispose than consume.

Microbiological and heavy metal contamination: “A study conducted showed that eating snakes can lead to sparganosis and trichinosis”.