Say No To Slave Trade/Human Trafficking

I am still in shock over the way and manner West African migrants are being bought and sold openly in modern-day slave markets in Libya. Those gory images are utterly heartbreaking, tragic and agonizing.

I saw pictures and videos of human beings (able-bodied) broken, brutalised, abused and in some extreme cases they had their vital organs being brutally harvested while they were still alive.

Checks have it that Libya has a substantial migrant population, as tens of thousands of people fleeing poverty and violence in their home countries cross into Libya every year as they try to immigrate to Europe. Painfully and often, these migrants never make it there, instead finding themselves “indebted” to smugglers who initially agreed to help them secure passage to Europe. They potentially face slave auctions as smugglers seek to recoup money.

The Libyan slave trade, as well as the global slave trade, are certainly complex issues which will require a worldwide effort to eradicate. However, there are steps government and stakeholders across board can take to help end slavery in Libya and beyond.

Nigerian government in her part is expected to take more decisive actions on this dastardly, cruel and barbaric act especially when her citizens are involved. Also, Senior Special Assistant on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora to the President, Hon. Abike Dabiri’s vociferous voice is also expected to be added to this mindless and satanic crime.

Be part of the advocacy against slave trade/human trafficking. Your added voice can indeed make a difference. God bless Africa.

Emmanuel Ajibulu is an infopreneur, online publisher, and social media influencer.

First published on Monday, November 27, 2017