Russia Planing Manned, Unmanned Missions To Mars, Moon, Deep Space – Putin

Russia is planning manned and unmanned space launches, including missions to the Mars, the Moon and deep space exploration, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a documentary.
“We will now implement unmanned and then manned launched to explore deep space and a moon program, then the Mars exploration. “The first one will be very soon, in the year 2019. The we are going to send a mission to the Mars,”
Putin said in a second part of a documentary about him.The president added that Russia would continue exploring the Moon, but in a different way than the Soviet Union.The Russian mission would try to reach the poles where there might be water.“There is something to do there. Exploration of other planets, of the deep space may begin from there,” Putin said.
The Russian lunar program expects three unmanned stations to be sent there by 2025, Luna-25 will be the first one, set to land on the Southern pole of the Moon in 2019.This will be the first Russian lunar mission after a 40-year break.The station will look for water ice on the Moon.
In 2021, Luna-26 will be sent to the Moon, while Luna-27 will arrive there in 2022 and drill the Moon’s surface up to 6.5 feet deep and examine its composition.The manned missions will follow the unmanned ones.Russia will also look fro traces of life on the mars together with the European Space Agency.