Kemi Otegbade Standing Tall As a Professional With Class & Integrity 

For many entrepreneurs in various field of endeavours, their businesses start with a passion or a need to address a key challenge that exists in the marketplace, in the case of this talented Nigerian media practitioner, PR consultant and resourceful businesswoman, Ms Kemi Otegbade, it was both of these factors.

She’s the producer of the just concluded Celebrity housemates reality tv show. A television show which impressively hit the screen and online in January 12 – February 11, 2018 which was greeted with encomium by Nigerians and filled with the usual surprise element and unpredictability,  with the theme, ‘Convergence of Culture, Lifestyle and Entertainment’.

It was carefully geared towards promoting peace and unity in the country, the celebrity contestants were drawn from all the six geographical zones in Nigeria and also bridged the negative perception about Nigeria and showcased the country’s strengths. Although the reality show had some challenges towards the tail end but has already been resolved.

Kemi Otegbade a woman of many parts, and an entrepreneur of almost 2 decades in Nigeria has been striving for success over the years with many indelible milestones to her credit. Notable among her achievements was being the first private company to hold an event in United Nations Headquarters, Manhattan, New York, in partnership with Nigerian home office. Corporate Nigeria Stakeholders Forum, an investment summit which held for two days in July, 2013 & African Women Summit in 2014.

She is a woman with an undying penchant for professional Public Relations
practice and human capital development with humane disposition and a track record of achievements in all her endeavours holding the trio of Honesty, Commitment and Hardwork as her guiding principles. She has won several awards in the course of her professional career both locally and internationally.