Sterling Achievements Of Hon. Joseph Akinlaja: A Justification For Federal Legislative Representation Beyond 2019, By Emmanuel Ajibulu

The entire Ondo East and West Federal Constituency will never forget the timely socio-economic interventions of their representative at the National Assembly, Hon Joseph Akinlaja. His recent people-oriented mega empowerment initiatives on April 21, 2018 spelled out why voters can trust Akinlaja, and why he is the best man to represent them beyond 2019 at the hallowed chamber in Abuja.

Akinlaja’a enviable profile is obviously eliminating all shades of doubts, he is never known for ‘guess work’ or trial and error, but he is a horse all electorates can put their saddle on, for a smooth ride without regrets. This long term relationship of dependable service and tested sacrifice of commitment to the interest of all vulnerable segments of the society are the raw materials and what will deservedly bring into reality Akinlaja’s next phase of success and ambition politically.

As people’s representative, Akinlaja has raised the ante of purposeful leadership and good governance. By a magic of work, ethics and sincerity of purpose, his quality representation has prioritized areas whose importance will continue to have enduring impact on the life of the citizenry. Such sectors include education, agriculture, health care, consideration for market men and women, youth empowerment, rural electrification, commerce and trade, skills acquisition/vocational training, poverty eradication to mention a few.

He is consistently known for making positive impacts in public schools by renovating classrooms and improving on teaching conditions, offering scholarships to students in primary, post primary and tertiary schools and providing gainful job opportunities for qualified graduates in various fields,(the list long) these are evidence of a genuine leader who believes in human capital development and unrepentant in discouraging the youths from engaging in defiant behaviours and other pitfalls of life. To Akinlaja’s credit, in the last 7 years in office over 350 projects have been executed by him to the benefit of his constituents.

For the records, his noble and legitimate ambition is not a project of glamour, it is not about Joseph Akinlaja wanting to run for another term in House of Representatives. But this is purely a project of conscience. Ondo Kingdom must be the flagship of a new socio-political and economic order where age of ideas is required, where federal presence can be brought to bear, intensified and sustained. Since his intention was made known, many people have taken him serious and he’s since been seen to have an edge.

Here is a shining star who can conveniently brandish experience, meritorious scorecards, knowledge and understanding of Ondo and has the competence and mental capacity to effectively drive how legislative representation works even as a ranking member and potential principal officer in the forth coming 9th Assembly. Ondo cannot afford to miss this rare opportunity to hands off unserious lot, who at all costs want their names on the ballot papers with no electoral values.

Recently, Speaker of the House of Representatives,
Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara made profound remarks on the need why lawmakers should be allowed to run for multiple terms in office. Mr Speaker in his valid and impressive views stated that for parliamentarians to represent optimally and influence development in their constituencies, the electorate must support them for several terms in the National Assembly.

The Nigeria’s number 4 citizen also noted that most lawmakers who have served multiple terms in the National Assembly have a better chance to become principals and even presiding officers. Using himself as a classical example he said his constituency have been smart to understand this and therefore, they took him to the National Assembly for the third time, and it was only on the third time that Dogara became speaker of the current 8th Assembly.

Therefore, the choice of this Labour leader of note, Akinlaja to contest for the National Assembly election next year is not out of place; and thankfully it is in tandem with democratic global best practices with no constitutional infractions whatsoever.

Perhaps this is why Akinlaja’s supporters have described him as a candidate to beat at the general election. Rightfully so, he is the most competent contender, who has the right attitude for the job. He has never and will never lead Ondo people astray, his track records can speak for him. Akinlaja is known as a politician without guile. Evidently his candidature is equally acceptable to majority of Ondo constituents in the 2019 polls. With God on his side the hallowed chamber will have him as one of the legitimate occupants to represent the good and principled people of Ondo East and West Federal Constituency beyond 2019.

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  1. Lijadu olayiwola said:

    I sees him as the God’s choosen
    The man with a caring heart
    God bless Hon Akinlaja