Akinlaja Makes Surprise Visit To Senate Public Hearing On PIB, Displays Sheer Patriotism 

By Emmanuel Ajibulu
In a show of genuine national patriotism and strong commitment to ensure quick passage of Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), Hon Joseph Iranola Akinlaja today (June 4, 2018) took part at the public hearing organized by the Senate Committee on PIB.
Recall, the House of Representatives Adhoc Committee on PIB which Hon Akinlaja is a member, had similar public hearing earlier in May 2018 when the committee received divergent views from various key industry stakeholders who gave their views on all the three components of the Bill which are, Petroleum Industry Fiscal Framework Bill; Petroleum Host Community Bill; and Petroleum Industry Administration Bill.
Akinlaja, the Chairman House of Representatives Committee on Petroleum Resources Downstream who took his spot at the Senate Wing of the National Assembly just returned back from his constituency in Ondo Town, having gone for inspection of some of his life impacting projects back home, defied all constraints and put national interest on top priority.
The Ondo Rep said it is the hope of the 8th National Assembly that the popular Bill would be passed into law before the end of its tenure. The Petroleum Industry Bill in his view will boost investors confidence in the oil and gas sector. According to him the sector has a lot of potential particularly in the petro-chemical industry.
He noted that Nigeria is still very attractive for foreign direct investments and with the prevailing stability in the country’s forex policy and a stable currency, it becomes easier for the investors to plan.
Instructively, good governance involves well-intentioned people who bring their ideas, experience, professionalism and preferences and other human strengths to the policy–making table. When those who championed and enthroned democracy speak one would not but nod in the affirmative.
The forgoing assertions have become imperative to consider when one reflects on the legislative leadership style of Hon Joseph Iranola Akinlaja.
For this Labour leader of note, nation building is all about building a political entity, based on generally accepted rules, norms and principles. He believes that good governance is also about development and strengthening of independent state institutions. Akinlaja believes that if democracy is truly practiced in a nation and sustained, all the sectors of the nation varying from economic, political, social etc will appreciate and the nation would definitely grow.