Moroccan King Applauds President Buhari’s Anti-Corruption Fight

King Mohammed VI of Morocco has applauded President Muhammadu Buhari’s fight against corruption, commending him for performing his role as the African Union anti-corruption champion.
The North African leader also recognised President Buhari’s regional initiative against terrorism in the Lake Chad.
This was disclosed on Monday, in a joint communique, by both leaders after President Buhari’s two-day visit to Morocco.
“His Majesty King Mohammed VI congratulated His Excellency President Buhari for his leadership in the regional initiative against terrorism in the Lake Chad region and commended his efforts in the fight against corruption and his role as the African Union anti-corruption champion,” the communique read in part.
President Buhari in return congratulated King Mohammed on Morocco’s election to the Peace and Security Council of the African Union.
He also congratulated King Mohammed on the successful completion of his mandate as African Leader on Migration Issues, which culminated in the presentation of the African Agenda for Migration and the creation of the African Observatory on Migration.
Both leaders, however, express concerns over terrorism and security threats in Africa, which they resolved to jointly tackle.
“They expressed deep concerns about violent extremism, terrorism and the persistence of security threats in Africa. They affirmed their resolve to strengthen cooperation in efforts to combat radicalisation in Africa and beyond,” the communique read further.
President Buhari’s visit to Morocco, the communique revealed, reinforces the positive bilateral relationship between Morocco and Nigeria.
Bother leaders affirmed their will to create a model of South-South cooperation.
They welcomed the progress made in various areas of their cooperation and relationship such as agriculture, fertilizer production, energy infrastructure and mining.
“King Mohammed VI and His Excellency President Buhari noted with satisfaction the milestones achieved and underscored their commitment to the Regional Gas Pipeline, which will connect Nigeria’s gas resources, those of some West African countries and Morocco, thereby fostering integration and development of countries in the West African region.
“The two Heads of State also noted progress made in other areas of the bilateral cooperation, as evidenced by the Agreement between OCP of Morocco and the Fertiliser Producers and Suppliers Association of Nigeria to invest in Fertiliser Production; and the Memorandum of Understanding between OCP and the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority on the establishment of a Basic Chemicals Platform, specifically to develop a significant Ammonia Production Plant.”
They jointly agreed to develop a partnership in the field of agriculture, particularly through the signing of Cooperation Agreement on vocational training and technical supervision.
The leaders also confirmed their willingness to consult and coordinate the positions of the two countries in regional and international organisations, including the African Union.