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Still on seizure of rice by Customs

The recent seizure of bags of rice and vegetable oil from some traders in Sango Ota area of Ogun State has been an issue of interest among Nigerians, with different people giving different reasons for supporting or condemning the act. I don’t support smuggling in whatever form because I believe such is capable of ruining

Ekiti 2018: What I will try as much as possible NOT to do!!!

By Bimbo Daramola  My attention has been drawn to some reactions to my personal opinion on zoning among other issues I have spoken about. I know the issue seems to be topical and elicits the interest and attention of “#southern Ekitis”. I believe that persons and people deserve to marshal their best arguments to accomplish

A dishonest political circus

 By Sufuyan Ojeifo I have watched with amusement the hollow rituals of “comic tragedy” or tragicomedy, which the defection of politicians from one political party to another typifies. The polity has witnessed, in recent times, movements by some politicians who were, doubtless, respected leaders of their people up until their sudden volte-face and gravitation to